Pensacola Commercial Remodeling

Professional Pensacola Commercial Remodeling

Shaffer Construction has been involved in many commercial remodeling projects creating many satisfied clients. Our remodeling team focuses on getting the project completed on time and more importantly, on budget. Eric pays close attention to working with our clients to prevent or minimize down time for your project. We understand that your company needs to be open to stay in business. This is the type of project we excel upon. Shaffer Construction understands the special challenges that our commercial clients face: aggressive schedules with critical opening dates and the logistics of building in and around neighboring stores that must remain open and inviting during construction. Successfully completing this type of construction project requires expertise and experience, a team approach, excellent management and communication skills, plus a great deal of determination.

Commercial Remodeling Professionals

Pensacola Commercial Remodeling


If you’ve been in business a while, odds are your building, inside and out, could use a facelift. When contemplating a new look for your office, call Shaffer Construction. We have years of experience of turning the old and tired into something new and exciting.

Ready to finally have that office building of your dreams? Call Shaffer Construction today at (850) 554-2329 or contact us here for professional Pensacola commercial remodeling.

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