Enhance the feel and look to bring in an aesthetic appeal to your house with custom Pensacola decks with Shaffer Construction. Something that can bring in an extension to your living area  as it transform the beauty of your house’s exterior.

Determine the area and start to think on things like the width of the corners, where the steps have to be, and then design it according to your desire to make use of the space and the accessories you want. All these factors can influence the look of your deck.

Deck Style, Form & Function

Style is important but don’t forget the accessories like railings which provide important safety features before you choose decorative options that suits your design.

From plastics to metal, consider each and every option like the placement of posts, post feet, post caps, decorative items and even the lighting which give interesting curb appeal to your deck. Create an imaginative and decorative outdoor living area on the ground at your home by either using wood or you can even go for wood which is treated with preservatives. Treated wood  is a wonderful option that saves  money and time because of its minimal care and maintenance.

Create an outdoor oasis abound with unique taste and style to add functionality and beauty to your Pensacola home with a simple extension to your home. If are still having difficulty deciding on building materials or design ideas contact us for any help you may need for you custom deck.

If you’re ready to let Eric and his crew at Shaffer Construction give you an amazing custom deck, call us today at (850) 554-2329 to get started.