Mistakes People Make When Building A Home in Pensacola

When people are building a home, we have discovered that they often have unrealistic goals and ideas in mind. At Shaffer Construction, we know what it takes to build custom built homes in Pensacola as well as what all is involved in home remodeling. We have said for years, “Bring us your ideas on a napkin and we will bring them to life!” However, sometimes, these million dollar ideas are on a couple hundred thousand dollar budget.

We are starting a new series on mistakes made during the home building process in hopes to help you avoid them! Here are few common ones:

Lose of Enthusiasm

At Shaffer Construction, if there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that clients have every base covered and know exactly what they want, and then there are those that are uninformed or overwhelmed by the many possibilities and choices. This has in essence been a curse of the new home construction  industry. Builders often have the clients search for products that they want, instead of presenting the client with 3 or 4 high-mid to high quality alternatives to an item. Do a real quick search on a search engine, and you will see that for faucets, there are literally hundreds of thousands of websites to choose from!  Now you can see why even the most enthusiastic client can “burn out”, or “check out” of the process when the builder does not limit the choices, for your sake and his, on what goes into the house. This is a driving force for Shaffer Construction. We start with a really nice “standard” home with hundreds of potential upgrades.

Cutting Corners

If you think price is everything, then keep in mind the old saying: “you get what you pay for” or in other words  “the cheap person invariably pays the most”. Hidden cost, cheap materials, weird techniques, like the one shown in the picture, all end up costing you more in the long run, and in some case in the near term.  Remember the Chinese sheet rock scare? It was because it was cheaper than local sheet rock. But guess what it did? It corroded metal items, like a home’s wiring! Or, as our picture shows, if a builder is using OSB on over hangs (a poorly advised money-saving trick), where else is he cutting corners? Some even opt, because they can, to use HALF as much steel in their foundations. On average, they save maybe a whopping $600 dollars, but again, when a builder is doing 200 homes a year, and he can save $10 on a door knob, and you have on average 23 in a house, than he saves $46,000 in 1 year! Some construction companies hire an employee to figure out cheaper products to use to raise their profit margin, instead of being innovative and adding more value to the home as Shaffer Construction endeavors to. As of this date 5/24/2013, we are the only builder that we know of that offers standard Electric Furnace Package, Real Wood Trim, and High End Faucets among our 3 major competitors.

When you’re ready to build a home or custom built home, call Shaffer Construction today at (850) 554-2329 or contact us here.

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