How To Budget Your Pensacola Bathroom Remodeling Project

So you’re to for your Penscola bathroom remodeling project and obviously, you don’t want to bust the budget! Eric Schaffer and his professional design team at Shaffer Construction can help you get the most out of your budget for this project. Everyone knows that most home improvement projects can be great investments, and remodeling or adding to your Florida home can raise its resale value significantly. But that doesn’t mean that the project needs to be expensive in order for it to be a great improvement. Eric has some great ideas that can help you keep your project within your budget while you improve your home.

Ask What You Can/Should Spend

Bathroom remodeling projects costs can vary greatly. However, the amount that you’re willing and able to spend depends on your financial situation, your home, and what you’re looking to achieve with the project. Eric highly recommends that you start by stepping back and taking an honest look at your bathroom remodeling goals, your realistic budget and time available. Are you planning on staying in your Pensacola home for less than five years? If so, then we need to determine how big of a return on your investment you can get when you sell your home.

Cut All Possible Costs

When you start the planning your bathroom remodeling design, the core of the budget is going to come from the cost of labor. Typically, this is in the ballpark of one third of the total cost of the remodel. So, what and where can you cut costs? We recommend that you consider any and all unnecessary amenities. Smaller budget remodeling projects require people to be realistic for your essentials. Once that is done, Shaffer Construction can figure out how to get more add-ons.

Stay in Your Budget

The worst possible thing that can happen during your Pensacola bathroom remodel is going over budget. It’s a good idea to leave yourself some wiggle room because you never know just what to expect once you start. You should always be wary of any plumbing issues. Once you’ve gotten ready to redo flooring and install new fixtures, you might find out there are some budget-busting problems that you had no idea about. Be sure to have as many plumbing issues resolved as possible beforehand.

When looking for a professional contractor for your Pensacola bathroom remodeling project, call the company Pensacola calls – Shaffer Construction – at (850) 554-2329 or contact us here to schedule an appointment.

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