Should You Build New or Buy an Existing Home in Pensacola?

As a dependable custom home builder in Pensacola, Shaffer Construction knows you have choices, choices, choices! We have choices for everything imaginable. Need a new pair of shoes? We have hundreds of stores that carry thousands of shoes. How about cereal? Go down that aisle in your local supermarket and it can be overwhelming. If you are at all interested in purchase a new home in the Pensacola area, you have tons of great choices, there too!

For starters, your options for locations, the available styles, and plethora of floor plans are in abundance. So, what is your choice that you have in looking for a new home? Should you build a new home or buy an existing home? Shaffer Construction has experience with both and we’d love to help you.

Reasons to Buy an Existing Home in Pensacola

  • Time Frame: The house is already done and waiting for you to move in.
  • The Look: No imagination needed during construction; you can immediately see the house exactly as it is.
  • Establishment: It’s easy to see You can get a sense for what the neighborhood is like because the neighbors are already there. And you have a pretty good idea of what things will look like for years to come.
  • Decisions: You have fewer of them to make. Existing homes are not highly customizable because of already being built. Just decorate to suite your tastes and desires.
  • Money: Generally speaking (not always), an existing home will be less expensive than a new home.

Reasons to Build a New Pensacola Custom Home

  • Fingerprints: If you want a new home that really expresses your unique personality, you probably won’t be completely satisfied with an existing home. After all, it was built to someone else’s specifications—or built from a standard plan.
  • Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades: We know that everyone loves Pinterest, Chip & Joanna Gaines and every other DIY TV show. Want better flooring? Easy. Look for granite instead of formica? Done. Two sinks in the bathroom instead of one? No problem.
  • Up to Date Wiring: With a new home, you get the latest in code when it comes to wiring, electrical and plumbing. Better energy consumption & better wiring could mean lower bills and better overall use of the home.
  • Creative Control: That’s right. This is your house. You are involved from step one. As stressful as it could be sometimes, you have creative control. Believe it or not, there is a certain joy and satisfaction that comes with letting loose of your creative process.

If you have questions or concerns when it come to either buying a custom built home in Pensacola or building from the ground up  to modernize, change finishes, layout etc., call Shaffer Construction today at (850) 554-2329 or contact us here today.

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