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You have been putting off building your dream home for what seems like years due to “this excuse” and “that excuse”. Now is the time and Shaffer Construction is the builder. We will walk you through every step of the way – from the very first “well, what we’d really like is . . . ” to the end when you take the keys and open the door to the home you’ve always wanted The professional general contractors at Shaffer Construction have one desire – creating a work of art that you will call home and have a very good track record of doing just that.

“They built the home we didn’t know we could have. We cried when we first saw it. Thanks to Eric and his amazing crew.”

You know it’s time. Let the skillful builders get to work on building your dreams.


Custom Home Building

At Shaffer Construction we never skimp on quality, ensuring the new houses we build will withstand the test of time and provide our clients with years and years of enjoyment. see more . . . 

Tub to Shower Conversion

Is your old tub taking up space and not being used? Why not upgrade to the latest design trend – a Tub to Shower Conversion?  see more . . . 

Kitchen Remodeling

Our goal is to make the remodeling process as smooth as possible and to provide you with the kitchen of your dreams. We listen to your needs and wants to create your kitchen remodel. see more . . .

Bathroom Remodeling

We work with you throughout your bathroom design and renovation to help you select products and materials best suited to your remodeling project. see more . . .

Home Renovation

From bath and kitchen remodeling to complete interior design renovations, we can help you turn your home into your dream home with a full range of home remodeling services. see more . . .

Commercial Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling your business, our remodeling team focuses on getting the project completed on time and more importantly, on budget. see more . . .


Construction & Project Management

Need someone to oversee your construction or building project to make sure it goes smoothly, completes on time and on budget? Let the pros manage for a stress free project. see more . . . 


New Construction

New construction can be so stressful. Let our certified general contractors handle your construction project and from the very beginning to the end for a worry free experience. see more . . . 

Featured Video

Shoreline Drive

Nestled on the beautiful Gulf Coast, one of our latest creations is the custom built home on Shoreline Drive. This amazing home that was completed in late 2016 offers many of the best features most people desire from exquisite garden bathtubs to multicolored granite countertops. This home is truly what dreams are made of. Check out the video to see an amazing view  of the completed project.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

This contractor has taken nearly a year to build a very small house in downtown Pensacola on a too small lot adjoining my property. His company and all his subs have caused me months of hate & discontent by such acts as stealing a $350 extension ladder from my yard, beginning work at 6 a.m., parking on my property & blocking my driveway, throwing roofing materials on my property, allowing dump trucks to drive into my property (not right of way) withput my permission to dump red clay into his customer's lot, piling a 5' high mountain of garbage & construction debris (instead of getting a dumpster as required) and leaving said debris for several months. I finally had to report him to code enforcement for piling garbage & construction debris on my right of way resulting in the City of Pensacola to try to bill me for pickup. Even then, I allowed a week to get it removed instead of filing a formal complaint. Most recent on the list of complaints either one of his subs or some other service ordered yet unsupervised by him has caused damage to the customer side of my water meter preventing me from having water service at my home. If you want a contractor who doesn't take responsibility for his faux pas, call Shaffer.

I have tried my best to be a good neighbor and tolerate more than I should have. Perhaps if I'd taken a hard line in the first place I wouldn't have to be writing this review.

Finally, what does it say for a contractor who takes over 10 months to build a very modest home?

Jan Pitts Sargent Christian Avatar
Jan Pitts Sargent Christian

Best of the best!
We are completely satisfied so far.
Building site is keep clean and free of litter.
Thank you Frank Hoskins for a great job. 😎

Edward Conley Avatar
Edward Conley

Eric is a great guy and builds some beautiful homes.

William Haddock Avatar
William Haddock

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